Thursday, April 16, 2009

Lost and Found

Today Morgan and I had a couple places to go and before leaving the house Morgan made sure he had his Lightening McQueen and Sally cars. When we got to our first stop Morgan threw the cars down in the backseat before getting out of the car. When we were finished there I opened the door for Morgan to climb back into the car. (He's been insistent on independently climbing into his carseat. I'm happy to report that he does allow me to buckle him in.) But before he started climbing up he had to retrieve something that he saw under the seat. Lucky for him, under the seat was his eye level. He pulled out his McQueen car and then happily started getting in his carseat. That's when I got a good look at the car. It was the new one. The one that had been lost the last few days. So now he had both Lightening McQueens at the same time for the first time. I found his other one and gave it to him and he was thrilled. He kept talking excitedly about "Two McQueen! McQueen, McQueen, two!" and such. Now he is playing with both of them.


Anonymous said...

Did he get a knew hair cut? He looks like such a big boy in this picture. Still very cute.

Grandma Martin

Jessie said...

Thanks for taking the time to enter in my photography give-away!


Melanie said...

Yes, Mom, one of the errands we ran was getting him a haircut.