Sunday, April 5, 2009

Red Letter Entry

Here is my traditional Sunday post. A journal entry from my past.

Okay, for the next little bit I might just have to copy my whole journal entry down word for word since they start to be so completely consumed with Aaron. Which means the posts my be pretty long. I think I will break some of the entries in half because of length issues. But here we go.

April 23, 2004
This is definitely a red letter entry. However, I will use my purple pen. Okay, on Sunday Aaron and Chanel came over for food ad fun after church, and boy was it! They stayed till 11:30. The funny thing is, is that Aaron left our house around 10:15 cause we weren't really doing anything. Well, anyway he didn't get far. He came back for his forgotten phone. I said, "Well now that you're back, why don't you stay?" He said, "well if the party is still going..." and he stayed! We made No Baked cookies, the Nelson recipe and then played Taboo. That was the funnest part of the night. I'm so glad he came back. :) Then on Monday the Singles FHE was especially fun. We played midnight football, in which I acquired a large bruise, and we played Smear the Queer outside, followed by a rousing game of Red Rover. During Smear the Queer, I tackled Aaron twice. He got me once. During Red Rover I got tto hold Aaron's hand a few times. :) Then on Tuesday I was going to go to a bonfire at Johns house (a fun guy new to the group) and then I realized I couldn't because the truck, Honda, and Buick were all out of commission. So I resigned myself to an uneventful night at home, when I got a call on my cell. I didn't get to it in time and so I got a message. Guess who it was? Aaron! He has such a wonderfully rich, sexy voice. Anywho, I have that message saved. He asked me to call him back, so I did. He inquired if I was going to the bonfire, at which point I tole him my car situation. I asked him if he was going. He said, "well if you are, of course!" Then he offered to take me! I was so excited! I definitely accepted. I though it might have been a date. it wasn't, but I was majorly excited and I ran around the house frantically getting ready. Chanel came too. While there, we played Murder in the Dark. So I was able to hold his hand again. He he he...
That was my first call from a boy that I will count.

To be continued....

Just a little note to help you understand how nice it was for Aaron to pick me up. My parents live pretty far from the city. They are country dwellers on a hill overlooking a lake and the cities in the area. It takes a bit of time and gas to get out there, and so for Aaron to come pick me up kinda said a lot. Okay, this educational lesson is over.

Um, I'm going to spoil some of the upcoming goodness. The days that I am describing are an early part of a streak that Aaron and I had of seeing each other. We saw each other every day for a seriously long time. I don't know exactly when it started. If it didn't start the Sunday that I mention here, then it started a few days or even a week before. I wish I had a better record of it.


kura2025 said...

"He has such a wonderfully rich, sexy voice."
I'm enjoying my mental image of Chanel reading that.

Loving the journal entries, keep them coming!

Megan said...

OOOOh! This is getting juicy! Can't wait until next time!

Smullin Family said...

This is so cute.
It's awesome that you have a record of your "twitterpation" with your husband....before he was your husband. This could serve you well in the future. Like when you get as old as I'm gettin'. :o)

Smullin Family said...

I find that looking at baby pictures of my kids are a good thing too. They WERE so cute and so sweet...makes you almost forget the sassy, pre-teen eye roll you just got.

Chanelson said...

I think that both Aaron and I have very good voices, so I refuse to be weirded out by that statement. :)
Man, I swear this stuff is all new to me. I realize it would only happen in an alternate universe, but it'd be awresome to get Aaron's interpretation/side of things.

HappyClimate said...

That entry didn't seem long at all, it is fun to hear about how you two got started.