Monday, March 23, 2009


We just got back into town after our anniversary weekend. We just went up to Boise, but had a ton of fun. After Aaron took a test for work on Thursday we headed for Idaho. We arrived in Boise and did a bit of shopping at the Factory Outlet mall, then Aaron's parents arrived and picked up Morgan so they could watch him for the night. After diner with my folks at a Mongolian BBQ, (so yummy! They don't have any very close to us here) we went to the Anniversary Inn. The whole month of March they are running a special that you can stay in any room for the price of $130 on a weekday. Woo! So, instead of staying in one of the more economical rooms, we choose one from a higher tier. The room we picked? Biker Road House. Now let me explain. (Because after disclosing our room selection I always feel that I must.) Neither Aaron or I have a huge obsession with Harley's or anything, (though the former likes them more than the latter) nor did we think the decor was especially pretty. But the Biker Road House has a foosball table. And a pinball machine. And a dart board. None of the other rooms had any of those. They also had a motorcycle. Aaron diagnosed it as being real and lamented that we couldn't ride it around the room. :)

Look, Cousin It came and joined us for some pinball action.


Not to brag or anything, (yeah right, that is exactly what I am doing!) but I had the high score on pinball. I won both games of darts and my position as champion of the foosball table was not contested.
The breakfasts there are super yummy. The cheesecake and sparkling cider left for us were also very good. This was the most fun we'd had on our anniversary. March 19, 2009 marks us as happily married for 4 years. Go us.


HappyClimate said...

Wow that is probably the room I would pick as well. That is definitely a fun anniversary. That must have been a really fun weekend.

Sara said...

That is too funny! Awesome room choice! And happy anniversary!