Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Today Morgan and I had a little experiment. From start to finish it was about 15-20 minutes in length. Total.
It started when Morgan started talking about poop. As in, he thought he had to do it but hadn't done it yet. I suggested the toilet. He acquiesced. But nothing happened. However, I thought now would be as good a time as any to put just underpants on him.

I also gave him a cup of juice to make his other juices flow. About every 2 minutes I asked if he had to go potty. I showed him a sucker too and told him that if he peed or poohed in the toilet he could have it.
So he wanted to give it a try. He sat on the toilet and grunted for awhile then reached for the toilet paper. Boy was he indignant when Mommy still refused to give him the "hucker" as he calls it.
About three minutes later he made some sounds of distress. I saw the wet lines down his pants and rushed him to the bathroom. His pants weren't that wet so I figured he could still go some more. But he didn't.
Now we're back to square one.


Martha said...

Heh, heh! He looks pretty ok with that in that last picture.

Sharla said...

LOL, oh boy, that is so familiar! I love it!!!

Nancy said...

I've done the same thing... with the same result. Someday.

Sara said...

Oh the "joys" of potty training. For Mase we finally had to do a potty training "boot camp." It was rough and I wanted to quick because he was having so many accidents those first two days (with poop and everything... sooooo disgusting!). But by day three he had the hang of it and he has done great ever since. He's even night trained! No more pull-ups. So, when you feel ready... just go head in and do it. He'll catch on.

Katie's at the point to be trained, showing all the signs, but I'm not ready for the boot camp yet. I have to really prep myself for that again :).