Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Just me.

Hey, remember that time when I told you about the unfortunately placed stains in my new shirt? Well, I got them out! Yay! I used dish soap, which Sharla and my husband suggested. So now I can wear it again, and the world is my burrito.
I also got a haircut a couple weeks ago. Neither picture shows it well though. It's not perfect, but it is much closer to what I asked for than the last time I got my haircut. In fact, I asked for about the same thing. Apparently only one of the stylists listened. It's layered and tapered, but you can't really tell. Ah well.


HappyClimate said...

You look so cute! It is nice to see pictures of you! Not that Morgan is adorable but it's nice to see pictures of you.

Stephanie said...

you also got it colored. Why you didn't say anything about that? Tryin to see how many notice? That vid of Morgster was funny. WOW! Speaking of Morgan, I'm at the library, and just after I wrote that last sentence I looked up and saw Morgan outside! Oh my, I wish I could snap a picture, the resemblance is remarkable.

Melanie said...

Um, I'm curious, Stephanie, what color did I change my hair to and from?? Because this is all news to me.