Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Outside Play

We've been loving the warmer weather lately and have been taking advantage of it by playing outside a bit. Today I was excited when I saw that it was almost 60 degrees. So, after lunch I got Morgan all excited about getting in the wagon and walking to the park. But when we got outside it was soooo windy! My park plans were quickly changed, but Morgan's weren't! Even though he HATES wind, he still wanted to have his promised wagon ride. He was out there cringing and blinking and taking in rapid breaths, like he does when he's in the wind, and saying it was cold, (it really wasn't, but he doesn't know the word for windy) but he wouldn't agree to go back inside. So I put him in the wagon and we made a lap around our little townhouse compound.
When we got back to the driveway Morgan was still sputtering in the wind but still wanted to stay outside. So he played with some sidewalk chalk.
Oh, and surprise surprise, they are actually working on finishing the other units here! So across the street were men at work and a little Bobcat machine thing working to straighten out the soil. That was pretty fascinating for Morgan. Sometimes he called it scary and sometimes he called it cool. :)

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