Sunday, March 1, 2009

Burnin' love!

It's Sunday, so I post some old journal entries that I find amusing.

Here I am writing about going to OYA, (Outdoor Youth Adventure) which is kinda like EFY, where you go somewhere for a week. But the one we did was awesome. It had ropes courses, horse back riding, a little handcart trek and we slept in tee-pees. One of my counselors was Aaron Parson.
July 25, 2002
I’m close to in love with Aaron. He is so cute. And funny, nice, hilarious, very handsome, a returned missionary form Guatemala, and so funny. His only imperfection is that he is a tad shorter then me.
Ah, but you don't know how much that shorter than me bit actually bugged me.
I was listing all the other kids in my group and telling how cool they each were individually.
And lastly, Gregory. He was different. He often seemed confused. He breathed really funny and loud. It always sounded like he was crying. He bothered me a lot at first, but toward the end of the week when I realized he was human he wasn’t as bad.
I sound kind of horrible, don't I? I don't deny it. During the week Gregory and I were paired for a game. I had to guide him across a field of rocks without him stepping on any or anything. Since he was "different" we were the last pairing to go. I got specific instructions to do it differently and after completing it...
Aaron made eye contact and kind of whispered “good job.” Like he meant it.
So, he must be in love with me too, right? Because he meant it when he said good job!

We had a single adult class in our ward before they formed and actual singles ward in our stake. The members of the class took turns teaching.
Sept. 2, 2002
Last week at church Kenny Weyerman taught the lesson. It was excellent. He sure is a good teacher. I now have more reason to like him. Not only is he cute and musically talented and an RM, he is also very funny, smart, and has a good testimony. But boy is he cute! I even joined the ward choir, partially because of his influence.

Sept. 22, 2002

Karl Davies is in charge. My crush on him has diminished quite a bit. Don’t know why. But my love is still burning for Kenny.
Burning love! Ah! Just so you all know, I did know that these things were silly as I wrote them. I knew that I wasn't actually in love. But since it was in my journal I didn't worry about other peoples' interpretations. I had no idea I would be posting the silliest excerpts on the internet for all to see.

Oct. 18 2002
Today I went to Liz Weyermans reception. They had it at their home. So Kenny was there. He didn’t even look at me, but he flirted with Erin Kunz for way too long! Ooh, that girl! Why is she so pretty?

We had some missionaries over for dinner.
Nov. 9, 2002

Might I add that Fairchild is quite cute? Mmmm yum.
Jason challenged me to a round of slap boxing. We were in the front room. I took the challenge with no hesitation and immediately began whomping on him. Soon the elders were watching and kind of cheering me on. I am a much better slap boxer than Jason. I hope I humbled him.


Stephanie said...

it will be fun when you post your first thoughts about Aaron Nelson.

Quaero Veritas said...

Funny, funny Mel. I can just imagine the seriousness of your life as a teen. I am thinking about what would have happened if I had tried to read your journal.

Funny, funny...