Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Love saga continues

My Sunday tradition is to post old journal entries. We are currently learning about the beginnings of my relationship with Aaron.

The last mention of Aaron was Feb. 26. A month passes before he makes the scene again because he had a brief relationship with a different girl. So I no longer considered him a possibility. But, like I said. It was a brief relationship.

April 4, 2004
Hello, well my social life is great. I don't have a crush on Brody anymore. That is only because he and Cheryl are dating now. I like Joe Bird, Aaron Nelson and kind of Alan. I see them all a lot. They are so much fun. I love it.
Aaron's still in the picture, but not yet prominent.

April 17, 2004
Boy, My life is great! I love it! I feel bad, kind of like I'm using my parent's just to stay in their home at night, for sleep, and to eat their food. I'm never home. 8 hours of work a day, then something social practically every night.
Ah, that was the life. Seriously, there probably wasn't a more fun season for me, not even college.

Want an update on my crush life? Basically the same...Aaron Nelson, Joe Bird and Alan. But right now it is especially Aaron. I've been hanging out a bit with Chanel; Aaron's awesome sister. Their family is awesome. Their parents are just as clever and witty as they are. Very fun family.
Look! Aaron is moving up in the ranks!

So get this. I was talking to Chanel on the phone one night and she told me that she was talking to Aaron about girls. She was trying to help him find a girl to ask on a date. She threw out my name. Aaron said, "Yeah, I could take Melanie on a date." Then was the ultimate compliment. "I think she could keep up with our family." Meaning that I am witty enough. :)
This was my first taste of what I call The Nelson Pride. I'm just glad he didn't make me take an IQ test before he would consent to date me. :)

Now, here comes some second hand dialogue. I don't do much of the He Said, She Said stuff, so be ye warned.
So anyway, I talked to Chanel after that and she brought up the girls again, "So Aaron, anyone you're particularly interested in?" "Oh no, not really." "Anyone you're going to ask on a date?" "Well I was thinking about calling Melanie. I was going to call her Wednesday, but then we went bowling." (Traditional after institute bowling. I got my all time high at 138) "Then I was going to call her tonight, (Thursday) but I didn't." "How did you get her phone number?" Then he was like, "The Martins..." I guess he never really said how. This is all according to Chanel. So, that is very exciting for me. He hasn't asked me out or anything.
However, today I went to the Nelson's house because of a "date" that Chanel, Sis. Nelson and I were going to go on. We were planning this to talk about boys. Well, then Aaron called to ask about something random, then asked what was going on. Chanel told him, so he learned that I was at his house. He was kind of self-invited to join us.
So then I write about our lunch and walking around the Karcher Mall, (Hall).
Aaron also got a haircut. He looks so good. I told him I I liked the hair.
Okay, so, we also went to a movie. In fact, I kind of flaked out on Joe and Alan, my other two biggest crushes, so go to this movie with Aaron. This is significant! I gave up on spending time with TWO crushes so I could spend time with ONE crush.
I had a wonderful time. I like Aaron more now. Chanel is coming over after church, maybe Aaron too.

Mom and Dad have been letting me have curfew extensions lately. In fact, Aaron called my house last night, on my behalf, to ask my parents for a curfew extension, because a bunch of us went and saw "The Lord of the Rings" in the theater, one that started at 11:00 P.M. They actually approved. I didn't get home till 3:00 A.M. It was totally worth it though, just cause I had a blast. I even sat by Aaron in the theater.
Funny, right? A boy called my parents and asked them if their daughter could stay out later, and it was actually approved? I planned it that way though. My chances for an extension were pretty slim if I was doing the talking. But who can resist the mellow tones of Aaron's rich voice and intelligent persuasive abilities? Haha. Apparently not my parents.
Sorry this one is so long. This one journal entry was packed with Aaron goodness.


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