Saturday, March 7, 2009

At the pool

Yesterday we took advantage of the cold and snowy weather and went swimming. :) We had fun. Morgan was a hoot to watch.
When we first got there Morgan was wary. When he saw the giant bucket dump out gallons of water onto the play area he was downright scared and tried to leave immediately. But he slowly warmed up to the area. We put him in a life jacket then he and daddy went into the water. Fun, right? Right?
I love this picture. Morgan is trying to hard to smile through his fear. He wasn't so sure about the floating thing.
But after we played for a long time Morgan really warmed up to it. He went down slides and was tossed back and forth between his parents and had a blast. We took off his life jacket and he was free to move around more. He jumped off the edge of the pool to his parents' waiting arms and sometimes didn't seem to care whether or not they were there to catch him. He saw daddy dunk his head in the water and so tried to imitate that by dipping his mouth and nose under. And when he went down the big slide without a life jacket he shot out like a torpedo! He went so fast, and even though I was at the bottom of the slide to catch him, I didn't. :( He was so surprisingly fast! I quickly retrieved him from the water and he was happy and ready to go down again. (Though I do think he got water in his nose and also may have hit his head on the bottom of the pool as he got a bit of a bump.) He was so brave.


Jana Lee Bumblebee said...

This was so fun to read. The first time we took Arielle to the Rec Center she was close to Morgan's age.
She pitched such a hissy fit, which slowly subsided. By our next visit, she was a fish & remained so for years. The swimmingest of all my kids.

Next time we come down, we would love to go swimming with you guys. What is your facility?

It looks like you had so mucn fun.

Anonymous said...

That looks like so much fun. Morgan is so cute. Especially when he was finally enjoying the water more. Fun times.

grandma Martin

Deborah Austin said...

What a fun Saturday, in the cold of amost spring. The kids ask me often when it will be warm enough to swim again?

I think we have been to that pool is it in Lehi. How fun!!! We are jealous over here

Sara said...

Is this at the Legacy Center? I love that pool.