Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Dreamer

My Sunday tradition is to post some of my old journal entries. I usually post what I find to be entertaining, so they usually involve boys and crushes.

Here I went to a wedding reception of the sister of one of my big crushes.

Dec. 1, 2002

When I got to Jenni’s brother Karl, (something I have been anticipating for awhile) I worked up the nerve to tell him that he looked good. That wouldn’t be anything hard for someone less shy and more experienced in the dating area. But I meant what I said. Yep, I’ve got it pretty bad for Karl. I didn’t used to, but then I had a dream with him in it and we were kind of a couple, and ever since then I think about him more than you would think for just a little crush. By the way, he is 4 years older than me. He also flirts with Erin Coon and Ann Marlin. Grr. However, I do believe he blushed when I complimented him. *sigh*
Amazingly enough, the whole crush-on-the-guy-after-I-dreamed-about-him thing wasn't abnormal for me. Usually though, those crushes dissipated after a little while because it's hard to maintain a crush on a dream.

When we were eating our refreshments the Williamsons came and sat with us. Guess what? Kenny was there! Yay. However, he left soon after arriving and without a word in my direction.
Aaaaannnd, that pretty much sums up the relationship that I had with Kenny.

Tonight I went to the singles prayer that we have every Sunday. Karl was there. He was actually kind of in charge. After the meeting I talked a little to him. He is quite nice to talk to me.
Oh, the magnanimous condescension bestowed upon little ol' lowly me by one so noble and great is truly a noteworthy sacrifice indeed.

I just described Karl's visiting older brother as attractive with an amazingly low voice, then I continue...
I think it would be cool to be a part of the Davies family. They are all so cool. Not that I think that I’ve got a chance with Karl, not with Erin and Ann as competition anyways. I wonder why those boys aren’t married.

A special note. This could very well be the first time I ever met Aaron, my husband. The first time that I remember seeing him was at one of these little singles prayer things. He came with his sister Chanel and I remember wondering if they were siblings or dating. I also remember a conversation he had with his sister and it was funny. And Aaron was wearing his black leather jacket, so I know it was winter. But, as unromantic as it is, I can't say there was a love at first sight thing going on, so he didn't make the journal entry. While I developed a crush on him not too long after this, Aaron didn't notice me till over a year later. But, all's well that ends well.


Stephanie said...

Nice job at changing names to protect the innocent. Aaron and Chanel look so much alike; how could you question their relationship?

Sara said...

Looks like some of my old journal entries.

Sara said...

Melanie, I just had to respond to what you posted on my blog...

Not only did I cry during that movie, but it was the ugly cry, Ugly sobs. I'm actually Chad wasn't there to see it because he would have totally laughed at me.

And don't feel bad about being late. By the time sacrament meeting ended, the foyer was full of families who forgot. That is what was so funny. :)

HappyClimate said...

It's amazing how many of those crush relationships are just in our head. It's a good thing that some of them aren't a figment of our imagination.

kura2025 said...

Have you posted anything about your meeting/dating/falling in love story?

Chanelson said...

Oohoohoo! And now we get to the good stuff.