Sunday, July 5, 2009

Aaron is handy

Here are more journals. All boring like.

June 11, 2004
Well, I'm back. I think I will go to college. I'm still in love with Aaron. Of course. He is my life. I think he is a lot like Dad in some ways. They are both very smart, kind of geeky type, both funny, both like installing things and that sort of thing. Both willing to spend big bucks on cool electronic toys, but both frugal in other ways. Aaron is handy. I don't know him well enough.

I think I must have written this after Aaron bought an XM radio, the price of which seemed outrageous to me. Haha.
And... another entry because that was short.

June 16, 2004
Aaron and I had a real discussion about marriage...with each other. He said he knows that I'll make a good wife and mother, and he does love me. He also said that he doesn't know me well enough. Which is true. But he said that that was only a matter of time. He told me many flattering things,things about why he knows I'll be a good wife and mother, and what he liked about me. I wish I could have had everything tape recorded or something. I would have liked to hear it more than once. But anyway, I do want to marry him. He is practically perfect in every way. Smart, funny, has a testimony, gentleman-like, polite, kind, dedicated, responsible, good with kids, handsome, strong, wonderful smile, beautiful eyes, and everything good. He is going to treat his wife right. I can tell already. Well, maybe someday I will be Mrs. Nelson! Hmm, what a grand thought.

Indeed, why can't those sorts of things be recorded and available for replaying?? I was right though, he does treat his wife pretty darn good.

Oh! Here is a little poem that I found in my journal. Aaron composed and texted it to me and I wrote it down on the back of singles ward activity announcement and stuck it in the journal.

Though fish love you,
and full moons abound,

Though sheep sleep through
your dreams of sound.

Still, I'll hear you;
My love I've found.

I read it now and it's complete nonsense, (or I don't have the poetic eye) but back then, new love colored it profound.

Mrs. Nelson signing off!

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Anonymous said...

Melanie I don't ever think your entries are boring. They are fun and interesting indeed.