Monday, July 20, 2009

Strange things are happening to me

Time for a boring post just about me. Friday morning I woke up to Morgan trying to open his door and get out of his room. With the swamp cooler on these days the wooden doors expand, which, in turn, makes it hard to open them. For a little two year old it is mostly impossible. So I stood up with the intention of freeing my child, but immediately learned that that was a mistake. I was so dizzy! So I braced myself on the bed and waited for the wave of dizziness to pass, but it didn't. In fact, I was so dizzy that I started getting nauseous. So I fell back into bed and informed my husband that he won the Get Up With The Child prize that morning.
And that was the beginning of a very strange day. I pretty much was stuck in bed all day long. Any attempt to get up, (or even lift my head) resulted in nauseating dizziness. It was insane! But I still had to use the bathroom occasionally. So I'd wobble unsteadily with my arms outstretched for balance and ready to catch myself if I fell.
Around midday I tried to get up and feed my child and be a normal human being, but I over did it and retreated to bed with my throw-up bowl just in case.
It must have been vertigo. After a nap that afternoon, (what else are you supposed to do while in bed all day??) I was feeling a little better and was able to stumble around a bit without getting sick. As long as I took it really easy I could remain out of bed too.
The next morning the symptoms were completely gone.

Also, I have been experiencing other symptoms regularly that lead me to believe that I may have Celiacs disease. It just seems that eating brings me pain. Not the sick-to-the-stomach that we are all familiar with though, it's much different. And I have a few relatives that have it, and it is genetic. Pretty much the only cure is to never eat anything with gluten in it. What has gluten? Pretty much everything yummy. Breads, pastas, lunch meats, cakes, cookies, candy, etc. I could eat veggies and fruit and rice.

I have felt this yucky feeling before, but never so consistantly. However, it can rear it's ugly head more when you are stressed, so says my experienced cousin. This past week has been very stressful. I had to speak in sacrament meeting AND sub in Relief Society last Sunday, among other very stressful things. Anyway, I hope I don't have it. But I would still like to know why I never feel good.


Anonymous said...

I hope you don't have celiacs. One more thing to add to a whole list of things. If you do though you can get lots of help from the Dan Turley clan. That would be a bummer since your favorite food is pasta food. Hang in there.
Love ya lots Mom

Stephanie said...

you poor thing. Decide against Celiacs, won't you?

HappyClimate said...

I am sorry about everything that is happening. I hope that things improve and hopefully the celiacs will go away. Oh, I was going to tell you, my sister just moved to Saratoga Springs. It is too bad that you guys moved. You could have been friends. :)