Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Dugway 4th Celebration

Last Wednesday the Dugway community had a big Independence Day bash. They let all the employees off early, (4:00) and had fun stuff going on. Since the majority of employees out here have 4 day weeks, they got Thursday off for the holiday.
Anyway, we basically just went across the street to the celebration. Morgan had seen the jump house things go up earlier in the day and was very anxious to check them out. He loved this obstacle course thing and did it many times.

He also enjoyed the jump house.
Just before 5:00 we headed back to across the street to our house and got out our camping chairs and set them up at the end of the driveway. The parade came through right past our house. Remember all the candy Morgan got from the parade in Ogden? Well, he got just as much from this little Dugway parade! We are set for a LONG time on the candy front. Look, there was so much that Aaron had to help Morgan gather it. Serious.

One thing that was thrown to Morgan was an inflatable crown. He tried it on.

After the parade we headed back for more fun. When it got dark we headed to a grassy field by the gym and waited for fireworks. Then it started raining. :( Well, sprinkling, anyway. But the firework show still happened. We were really close to where they were launching them. We could see the men lighting the fireworks and everything. We were surprised at how good a show little Dugway puts on. It lasted for at least a half hour and the fireworks were great.
I was laying on a blanket with Morgan. Halfway through the show I noticed that Morgan was sleeping! It was pretty late, and he didn't have a nap that day, but the fireworks were loud! I don' t know how he managed it. And it's not the first time Morgan's fallen asleep during noisy fireworks either.


Lora Dawn said...

the crown shot is a hoot - - - any way you wear it, he's a prince!

Smullin Family said...

I love your new summery!
Sounds like you guys had a good 4th. And so nice that it was all right there, by your house. I'd go for that!