Thursday, July 30, 2009

Small Victories

I've always said that I would never have a three year old that wasn't potty trained. But Morgan will be three in three months, and he isn't potty trained and seems to have little interest in being so. However, the last few days I have upped the ante with the whole potty training issue. We bought him some Cars underpants, which he was very excited about, and I started having him wear them. Last week, on Wednesday, he went through 4 pairs of underpants and and shorts before nap time, so I gave up. Until a couple days ago.
On Monday Morgan's diaper was dry when he got up, which is rare, so I convinced him to sit on the toilet. He did. For a LONG time. I brought him books to read, and after awhile he had a few dribbles that I counted as a success. (Though I still think he was holding it in as best he could.)

Tuesday morning Morgan woke up dry again. So back to the toilet. Out came the books. This time Morgan really had a serious stream. :) And it seemed to delight and mystify him. I think he might have made some important connections though. So we had crazy mommy celebrations and Morgan got a sucker.
Yesterday I put him on the toilet in the morning and there he sat for WAY too long without success. But this time I put him in underwear rather than a diaper. It was probably only 10 minutes after he got off the potty that he peed his pants. It went like this. We were in my bedroom, I was cleaning it and Morgan was doing his best to counteract that. Morgan started to make some very distressed noises, which at first led me to believe he had his fingers caught in the closet door, by which he was standing. Then I noticed the funny way he stood. Then he said, "the toilet!" So I rushed him to it, but it was too late at this point. I cleaned up the puddle in our bedroom, (luckily we have no carpet in this house) and then put a different pair of underwear on Morgan. I was a little encouraged because he was finally upset about peeing his pants. The week before he didn't seem to mind one bit.
So, I'd been asking Morgan all morning if he needed to go potty. Usually I got a very decisive, "NO!" I asked again, and got the same, "No!" but then he walked to the bathroom and said that he DID want to use it after all. And folks, he did! It worked! He barely even cracked a book this time.
A bit later that day I suggested Morgan sit on the toilet for awhile so I could take him to the garden without him having to go to the bathroom while we were out. I really didn't expect success from Morgan this time, but pee he did! Suckers all around.
At nap time I put him in a diaper again, but the morning preceding the nap, he only had one accident and two successes. Oh yes, and the world was our burrito.


keith and arianne said...

Yay, sounds like you're on your way! He is looking so grown up in that picture!

Nancy said...

Nice work. We're struggling with potty training too. Jaron knows how and is really good at holding it.... if he wants to. He always answers with a "NO!" to the "do you need to go potty?" question and he could care less if he has an accident. He thinks he should be rewarded for peeing on the floor. Arg!! Soon they will "get it" though... soon.

Jana Lee Bumblebee said...

Yay Morgan!!!! The potty picture goes in the shrine.

What if I called him and made a big deal? Does he like talking on the phone?

Jana Lee Bumblebee said...

Yay Morgan!!!! The potty picture goes in the shrine.

What if I called him and made a big deal? Does he like talking on the phone?

Melanie said...

He loves talking on the phone. I bet that would be a nice treat for him.

Tiffany Vincent said...

Congratulations!!!! I have felt your frustration, so any victory, no matter how small is a VICTORY!

Sara said...

Yay for having some success! Katie will be three in a little more than a month and I am just dying to have her PT. Yet at the same time, don't want to deal with the actual training. I know I just need to put her in her princess undies and deal with the messes because that is what finally helped Mason. But oh the messes!

You are my inspiration.

Candice said...

Great job Morgan and Mommy! Doesn't that feel great ~ you're on your way! I'm gearing up to work with Lizzy once Micaela's back in school...stay tuned.