Saturday, July 18, 2009

A puppy!

Not too long ago our little family went to Springville to visit with Aaron's grandparents and cousins and parents and aunt and uncle and sister. Whew! Anyway, Aaron's cousin Brian was getting ready to enter the MTC for his mission to Boise Idaho. Yep, you read that right. :) Anyway, his family is from California and so when they all came over to Utah they brought their tiny chihuahua. I think she was somewhere around 9 weeks old.
Now, Aaron and I both share the opinion that small dogs are pretty useless, but this little pup was pretty stinkin' cute. Morgan loved her immediately and scared the poor thing every time he got too close.

Aaron kept making comments about what how dumb chihuahuas are and how someone should take it outside and wait for a hawk to come and find it, and yet he held it as often as the infatuated teenage girls, and was even seen making kissy faces at the dog. Hehe. :)I don't think we will ever be dog owners, but if we were, we would get a real dog, as opposed to toy dogs. But this little puppy was pretty cute anyway.


Smullin Family said...

That's sooo funny that his call is to Boise, Id. Is his last name Nelson? I'll keep a look out for him. :o)
That puppy is SO cute! I always thought I was a "big dog person" but the older I get, the more I see value in small.
We've tried the doggie thing and so far, I'm not convinced. I'm the one that doesn't want a dog and I'm sure I'd be the one taking care of the dog or begging someone else to take care of the dog.
I believe Aaron's bark is worse than his bite (about not liking the little dog). He looks pretty happy holding it.

Anonymous said...

That is such a cute look on Morgans face.
Love ya