Friday, July 3, 2009

Ogden Parade

Last weekend we went to a parade in Ogden with our friends Mark and Anna and their two little girls Elizabeth and Elaina. Morgan and Elizabeth are two months apart and get along great. We stayed at their home the night before and Morgan had a blast playing with Elizabeth.

Here they are a year and some change ago. They liked each other then too.

Waiting for the parade. It was a hot morning.

The candy was thrown and the two kids were great at collecting it. However, sometimes there was SO MUCH candy that a couple of us adults needed to help. Seriously. Fistfuls of tootsie rolls were thrown in our direction and there were only two little kids around. There were a couple of ladies seated somewhat near us, but they didn't want the candy that was thrown at them, so Morgan and Elizabeth cleaned up. And boy did they.

Check out this loot!

It came just as I started a weight loss competition. *Groan*

I've never done so well as a kid at a parade. Morgan's going to think this is normal.

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HappyClimate said...

Wow better than Halloween. It did look really hot. I am glad it was still fun. Cute kids!