Friday, July 31, 2009

In the Garden

I've made mention of my garden before. It's a community garden, so I have to travel a few blocks to it. But we have our own plot, which is PLENTY big, and they have a water spigot thing, and we have a hose and a sprinkler, so everything works out. A couple months ago Morgan and I planted our garden. We only planted a row of green beans, two hills each of cucumbers and squash, and left room for more. See, I had planted some squash, cucumbers and watermelons in cups at home before and planned on transplanting them when they started sprouting. That didn't work too well, but I may have a watermelon plant growing too. Later we added three Eggplant plants, which my aunt gave me. The tomatoes are in our backyard in planters, and are doing horribly! Which makes me very sad.
Anyway, here is the garden the day we planted it.

Here are some of the neighboring gardens from yesterday. Beautiful, no?
Such nicely tended rows, no weeds, lots of successful produce.

Here is mine. Embarrassingly sparse. My poor row of pilfered green beans there in the back...

But as embarrassing as it is, look! I actually got some fruit from my labors!

Beauties. So last night I decided to experiment. I found a recipe online for a squash casserole. I used two of my prized produce and mixed them with the other ingredients. When I put it in the oven I was very worried. The concoction was a goopy mess. I didn't see how the soupy mix would harden into anything worth eating.

But it turned out okay looking.

My first bite was bland. I added salt. My second bite was delicious! Seriously, I liked it so much and was ready to noise abroad how excellent this recipe was. But somewhere around the 5th bite, it became rather repulsive. I think it's regurgitated-like consistency spoiled it for me and threatened my gag reflex. The taste wasn't bad, just the mushiness. I finished my plate though. Later, if I thought about dinner, it made me sick. We still have half a casserole left. Any takers??


Tiffany Vincent said...

So sad.....I will pass, thank you very much.

Sara said...

Someday I'd like to have a garden. I think I'll pass on that casserole.

Oh, and I totally just called about that study and am going to do it.

A*Waite said...

Shred what ever else you get and make it into something yummy like zuchinni bread or cake. It works just as good.

Sad but true, your garden is much more beautiful and fruitful than mine.

Sara said...

You're right, you weren't the first person to tell me about the study but you were the third person this week! I figured it must be some sort of sign, so you helped me finally just call :) We can totally be buddies :)

Anonymous said...

Success in the garden!! I know I would eat your squash surprise. Bring it on over. I'm sure it's nothing little medium-hot salsa wouldn't fix.

Dad Nelson