Monday, February 4, 2008

Change of venue

So, we tried Koogatoo, our website, for several months and were putting some money into it, but not getting anything in return. It was a great idea, we just don't have the know-how to get the internet traffic flowing through. So, we scrapped it. Temporarily. Instead, we purchased another website that already has a following and has been making $300 or so a month. It is a technology blog. It's not going to make us rich anytime soon, but that is perfectly fine. Aaron is a good writer and keeps up well with electronics and such, so he will do a good job. Also, he put me in charge of doing a post a week on an online game. I'm certainly okay with that. :)
The site is,
Check it out!


Christine said...

Hey Melanie!! I like the site, the colors are really nice. Hey I have my own blog thing now, but I don't know haw to have a link to yours--help me please! :) Thanks a bunch for being so cool!!

P.S. Our site is!!

Melanie said...

Yay Christine!
Try this. Go to customize in the top right corner, and it should give you an outline of your page. Click add page element where you want the link list to be, and then find the option called link list and click it. Then just follow the directions. If that doesn't make sense or something, let me know.
I'm glad you made a blog too!