Thursday, February 7, 2008

Superhero day

When I was little I used to tie blankets or towels around my neck and suddenly I was a superhero. A cape, no matter it's real identity, makes you a superhero. Or a vampire. But that's beside the point.
My 4 year old niece, Anna, whom I babysit regularly, has also discovered the joy of capes. Yesterday she asked me to tie a blanket around her neck, and suddenly she was Super-Anna. Her 2 year old brother, Mattie, wasn't about to be left out. He too found a cape. Morgan watched his cousins dash around the house in superhero attire and was entertained, so I got another blanket for Morgan. He thought it was great.

It looked like so much fun, being a superhero and all, that I too donned a cape. Morgan seemed to think that Super-Mommy was super cool. It was a fun time.
Morgan has brought me his blanket a couple times since then so he could fly again. He's a super-cutie.


SouthfieldFam said...

Capes are the best! I made my boys reversible capes for Christmas, Superman on one side, batman on the other. They frequently run into the wall watching their capes blow int he wind they create while running! Nothing better than cheap entertainment!

Deborah Austin said...

How fun, yes all kids love to become the super heros.

Fun that you played the part, I find that my kids love it when I'll play the games with them.

Your a good Mama!

great story about the vasaline (sp?) those are the crazy moments, was it a huge mess to clean up?

fun times!



Melanie said...

The Vaseline wasn't too bad to clean up. I just used a dry cloth for most of it on his skin. He has really dry skin anyway, so it was probably good for him!

Ciarran said...

Oh my goodness, I love your child so much! He is just the cutest little guy ever!