Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Valentines Day

You know those candy-bar poster things that people make and they substitute some candy with a word? I've always thought that they were fun and cute and delicious, so I made one for Aaron for Valentines day. But I needed to present it to him in a good way, not just hand over a big piece of cardboard box with chocolate taped all over it. So I came up with what I will call a brilliant idea. I rigged it up so that when Aaron came home from work and opened the garage, it would be hanging there in his path. Even the idea made me gleeful. I was pretty proud of my crude engineering to make it work.

The poster reads thus: (I will italicize the words that are candy.)
Dear Mr. Goodbar, (Aaron)
It would be Outrageous (a doctored Nutrageous) if you would Be My Valentine. I know I'm a Lemonhead and create many a Rocky Road for you to Rolover, but you're my Big Hunk! I don't care that you're a Nerd and don't bring home 100 Grand on Payday. You're my Idaho Stud (I taped a t where the p was) and always make me Snicker. And I know that when I'm a Butterfinger you'll be there as my Lifesaver. You are Too Cool (the heart box of chocolates said too cool) and I really Skor-ed big with you. I'll love you Now and Later, your Runt, Melanie.

I'm pretty sure that I liked it better than anyone else, but that's okay. Oh, and when I was at the store buying the candy, I had to get chewy runts, because they are a favorite of Aaron's, but I had a terrible hard time figuring out where to put it in. Eventually, I called myself his Runt, which I know is incredibly silly. Oh well.
Also, the Be My Valentine thing was a box of Little Debbie's snack cakes. It ended up being to big to fit it nicely on the poster, not to mention too heavy, so I cut out the words and taped the cakes to the Happy Valentines Day sign. :)


Stephanie said...

wow that is pretty cool! Men are dumb sometimes and don't realize that if they showed how thrilled they were that we wouldn't think them less of a man... so they downplay their reactions. I'm sure Aaron was very excited to see that when he opened the garage!

SouthfieldFam said...

That's a way cute idea! I got Reid tires for Valentines day and he got me a vacuum! Both things that we desperately needed, just not a bit romantic!