Monday, February 4, 2008

McCall Ice Festival

On Saturday we took a day trip to McCall for the ice festival. We went with my parents. They drove us up in their expedition, so the roads weren't as scary. I'd never gone to see the sculptures, so was really looking forward to it. I packed snacks, hats and mittens and everything I thought I would need to keep Morgan happy and warm.
We left Caldwell around 8:30, and not too long afterwards Morgan was asleep.

When we got into the mountains a bit, the road became very windy and had many frost heaves to bump over. This woke up Morgan and he started to throw up. GAH! I didn't pack sufficiently for this! I used anything that I could to clean him up, but it really wasn't enough. Despite not feeling well, Morgan was very good-natured. We stopped at a gas station and I took a couple paper towels from the bathroom just in case I was going to need them.
I did. Morgan drank some water and soon threw all of that up too! Poor boy. Once again, I wasn't prepared. He was pretty wet and soon we would be going out in the cold! I didn't even pack an extra shirt for him.
We arrived in McCall and got all bundled up to stay warm. Morgan was almost immediately miserable. I have never had a problem with him in the cold before; he usually seems oblivious to it. Not this time. So we went to Paul's market, which has an apparel section, and bought him a snow suit. The only size they had was 12 months, which I thought would be okay. But it's too small. It doesn't keep his legs covered. Oh well.

We saw a couple of sculptures, and then the weather worsened. Soon Morgan was incosolable. We decided it was time for lunch. He was happier indoors, but didn't have an appetite at all. Before the food arrived though, we all noticed a pungent odor. Time for a diaper change. I went into the TINY bathroom which had two stalls and a sink crammed into it. One of the stalls, which was regular sized, had a changing table in it. I could barely fit in there with the table opened. Anyway, I commenced with the diaper change. After removing the snowsuit I quickly learned that he was soaked through with diarrhea. Sorry if this is too much detail. This was a horrible diaper to change and a horrible place to do it. People kept coming and going and the first thing they saw was my boys bare bum.
I removed his onsie, put on a different pair of pants and had no choice but to replace his shirt which was pretty disgusting. Oh, and I used all the wipes that I brought. On any normal day, it would have been plenty, but not this time. :(
We still had a lot of sculpture viewing to do, so we piled back in the car to find a place to park near downtown. Morgan almost immediately fell asleep. Also, he was stinky again. I was all out of wipes! So, I elected to stay in the car while Aaron and my parents went to see the ice sculptures. Aaron returned with wet wipes, and then went to find my folks again. So, I woke up my tired boy to change his diaper, not wanting him to get a sore bum or for these pants to get soaked through. But alas! I was too late. He ended up wearing ONLY his snowsuit. Poor boy. Before my family returned, I had to change his diaper AGAIN.
On the way home he slept well until we got to the windy and bumpy part of the drive. Then he woke up and vomited some more. He did it several times. What a miserable day for him. I think he got car sick.
Now I want to go to the ice festival without Morgan. It seems like it could be a lot of fun.

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SouthfieldFam said...

I never knew that the phrase, "when it rains, it pours" applied to poop and throw up until I was a Mom! I'll watch Morgan for you next year so you explore the ice festival!