Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Potty training chair

The other day while in Wal-Mart I suggested to Aaron that we take a look at the potty training chairs. We ended up buying one.

Morgan is only 15 months, and a boy to boot, but I want to at least give him the opportunity of being an early potty trained boy. :) I had a calling in the nursery 2 years ago and there was a little boy who either came in potty trained or was out of diapers very soon afterward. So, somewhere around 18 months. He was a really bright kid, but so is Morgan!
Anyway, I put introduced Morgan to his very own potty and he loves it! He likes to sit on it, (or stand in it, or put things inside it, or take it apart) and even learned how to say "potty". That is one of the requirements, right? Being able to tell the parent when he needs to go? Well, learning the word is a great step in that direction!

The other morning before getting him ready for the day, I decided to try Morgan on the potty without his diaper on. He enjoyed sitting on it. But then he saw a toy he had to have, so got up and retrieved it, but went right back to sitting on his potty chair. Then he would find something else that made him need to stand up or walk around a bit, but always went back to his chair. It was during one of his little expeditions that he peed. He was at least still in the bathroom, so easy clean-up. But boy was he surprised! I quickly sat him back in the chair, but was too late, and all Morgan could do was point and stare at the puddle of pee. It was quite funny. He'd never been allowed to wander around without a diaper, so he had no idea of what happened when he relieved his bladder!


Bobbi said...

Oh, potty training, my worst nightmare. :) I think it is great you are getting an early start. If it works I just might be inspired to start Maggie early.

SouthfieldFam said...

Maddie potty trained at 18 months so he could do it fairly soon! Cooper turned two in november and we are potty training him right now! A little behind, but that's okay!

Christine said...

We are still having a hard time with Kaien and the potty training scenes. Although, he is starting to tell us he wants to go (but he never does). He did go once when he tried pushing really hard. We only got a few drops out, but it was something!