Saturday, February 16, 2008

Morgan's mischeif

If I don't wait to shower while Morgan is sleeping, (not till the afternoon) I usually have him in the bathroom with me. We have a fairly large bathroom, so there is plenty of room to play. But he usually doesn't choose to play with his toys. He often makes his biggest messes and has fun playing with things he isn't allowed to play with. He knows from experience that when Mommy tells him no from the shower, she usually doesn't follow through with anything. That would require getting out and dripping all over everything.
Today while I showered Morgan was in the bathroom. I looked out at him and found that he was playing with the plunger, (gross!) the rubber part even, (grosser!) Then I noticed he had something else in his hand. He was sticking it inside the plunger and then putting it in his mouth! (Grossest!) I yelled and yelled all the "no"'s and "don't play with that"'s that were required. Then I realized what it was that he had been plunging into the plunger then his mouth. A razor. He got it from a drawer. Thankfully it had the cap on. My no's increased but he didn't care. Finally, I said, "Morgan, bring that to mommy." And he did.
How dangerous is that? He could cut open his mouth with the razor and immediately get a bad infection because of the germs from the plunger. Oy vey.


Stephanie said...


Stephanie said...

Once when I was a small child I got a razor and cut my hand real bad. I remember Mom putting a cloth diaper on my hand like a boxing glove. She says I should have probably gotten stitches, but you know Mom. I don't remember any pain; just a lot of blood and a boxing glove diaper. Then again, with your memory, you probably remember that too.

Stephanie said...

my point was, for Morgan, it could have been worse. Plus I wasn't drinking toilet water with it! OH MY GOSH! He didn't drink toilet water when he was here, with or without the aid of a razor. Just so you know! :D
This is the last one.

SouthfieldFam said...

Everything is more complicated with kids, isn't it? I LOVE taking long hot showers on the weekend when Daddy is home to be the referee and to keep the munchkins out of trouble!

Anonymous said...

Morgan--you funny!!!! Keep your parents on their toes.

He prefers the cat's water bowl at our house,

Melanie, thanks for blogging, I get my daily Morgan fix.

Alana said...

Seriously, he gets the gross award. That is so funny. I still don't know how kids can stick anything in their mouths... and live to tell about it. I refuse to think that I did anything to rival this story, but my dad seems to think I have. Whatev.