Thursday, February 21, 2008


Morgan ate a green crayon yesterday. I didn't know that eating a crayon would color your whole face green. In fact, when my son approached me with a green mouth I was very confused about what he ate, thinking it was something sloppy and messy. But further research led me to the firm conclusion that it was a crayon. I couldn't get a good picture of it though. Oh well.

Also, Morgan loves bead necklaces. He had a couple from the 4th of July that he would always play with and wear around the house. So the other day I was at the dollar store and saw a pack of 6 bead necklaces. I bought them. Aaron was definitely not thrilled. I guess he doesn't want me to encourage anything remotely feminine in his son. :) Whatever. There is no harm in them. Plus, if you'll notice in the picture below, Morgan often wears them over one shoulder. Perhaps he is pretending that it is an ammo belt thing, like Rambo would wear. :) Of course, his adorable pose there isn't very Rambo-ish. :D


SouthfieldFam said...

WE have the same necklaces and my boys LOVE them! They have started using them to hang things from the doornobs!

Anonymous said...

Nuts to you, Aaron. All kids love costuming bits and parts and pieces. (though I wouldn't go as far as giving him a feather boa)