Friday, June 12, 2009


Morgan's big into things that go. Things with wheels. So naturally he loves ATV's. I mean, who wouldn't? When we were visiting Nampa a couple weeks ago we got a 4 wheeler out to ride around the yard with Morgan. He thought it was great. And Aaron and I always think it's fun too.

I love where my parents live; where I half grew up. I took it for granted back then, but now I think it's really pretty. You can kind of see some of the prettiness in the background of this picture. That's Lake Lowell in the background. Not as disgusting from farther away.
Ah, my handsome boys. Seriously.

Ah, my pasty white legs. Seriously?!

My parents have 4 ATV's, (Dad's midlife crisis solution??) and I've rolled twice on a little yellow one. So we were sure NOT to get that one out. Not that I have much opportunity of rolling it on the flat lawn...


Sara said...

So fun! I'm sure Mason would love to ride on an ATV. Just today while we were driving through the neighborhood, he saw a little boy driving his toy car (the kind you can ride in and drive) and he just started crying saying he wanted to have one too. Oh boy.

Tiffany Vincent said...

Well I can think of a lot worse mid life crisis! Glad you had fun, and I agree I don't know what it is about boys and wheels, but Mark is the same way. We have an ATV, and he LOVES it.