Sunday, June 21, 2009

Journal time. Oh, and Happy Father's Day!

June 5, 2004
Today was a great day I had a wonderful time. Aaron took me to Stomp! They are awesome. Very cool show. Chris and Annie Lowe came also. Afterward we went to dinner at The Flying Pie Pizzeria. Good food. Then we came back to our house and went 4 wheeling. No roll overs this time. Then we watched the movie "In America." Strange...
By then it was nearly midnight. Chris took Annie home and Aaron and I went outside and cuddled. I love to cuddle with him. It just feels so right. I always hate to see him go. Or I hate leaving him. Pretty much, I want to marry him. I wish I could. I know I want to.

Ah ha! Your wish is my command! I DID marry him. Lucky me. Now. I wish that Morgan was potty trained. And that I didn't have to put any effort into it. Lets see how that one goes.

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