Sunday, June 7, 2009

The "L" word surfaces

Are you ready for some JOURNALS?!? (Sing it as if it were the football thing.)

May 21, 2004
It has been awhile. I still see Aaron every night. We sometimes write notes on each others backs. Sometimes they are secret. He wrote a secret "essay" that he said will be revealed at a future time.
There have been times when I'd look at Aaron and just want to tell him that I love him. But I really don't know if that is true. I WANT to be in love with him. I WANT him to be the one I marry, but I don't know.

If Aaron had known then that I had already decided that he was the one I wanted to marry, he would have probably been scared off. See? Sometimes insecurities are a good thing.

May 29, 2004
Many stuffs has happened. My b-day for one. . . Aaron got me a bonzai potato. So funny! Also a 4 leaf clover growing kit. Also the book, "The Five People you Meet in Heaven." He found out that I had already read it so the next night at F.H.E. he took me to his car and gave me a bag. The bag had a book in it. "All Things Wise and Wonderful" by James Herriot. Cool aye? Aaron and Chanel ate over. We had pasta and garlic bread.

Okay folks, my hand writing starts to really deteriorate here as I struggle to stay awake while I write it. Iz funny.
On Wed. he asked a couple relationship questions and stated concerns. I responded stupidly and shortly. I was frustrated with myself so I went home and wrote down what I should have said. Then on Thursday the essay thing was brought up again. Since he wanted to keep his secret So I suggested that we exchange essays by the nextfi. I'll finish latey I'm falling asleep.
Melanie Mati.

Tee hee! That is what is in my journal. The incomplete sentences and words that are so distorted you can't tell what letters they are.
The essay exchange was going to be what I wrote down in response to his questions and the secret "essay" that he wrote on my back. So. To be continued.

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