Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ugly Baby Birds

Awhile ago we noticed a couple of birds going in and out of our ugly tree-bush in our front yard. We peeked inside and noticed a nest in progress. Pretty soon our peeks told us there were little eggs. What also told us about the eggs were the parent birds flipping out anytime we went near the tree.
It wasn't long before the eggs turned into fetherless, ugly, baby birds.
A couple weeks later, (maybe just one) and they are STILL ugly.

Now the parent birds are extra protective. If we open the front door they immediately fly out of their nest tree and chirp and flutter around in great agitation. If we step outside they dive-bomb us. They especially hate Aaron because Aaron is always peeking at the baby birds.

It's hard to see, but in the next two photos there is a bird careening toward Aaron. It's pretty close to him too. See it?

No wonder we humans frighten them so much.

Also, don't forget about The Battle of the Bulge! If you commented on my blog, but not on the contest blog, you will still need to go their and make a comment with your email address so you can be added. Oh, and all of you participating, you should spread the word to your friends.

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Smullin Family said...

I can't see the bird. I need some hints as to where to look.