Saturday, June 13, 2009

Jumping with the sprinklers

Another fun thing we did in Nampa was play with cousins. Since Morgan loves jumping on the trampoline and since Morgan loves playing in water I though, rather logically, I think, that he would love jumping on the trampoline with the sprinklers under it. Yet for some reason it took lots of coaxing and persuading to get Morgan to go play. It was really weird.
But we did get him out there and he DID love it. So I was right after all.

Morgan and his cousin Kaien having fun.
They make little boy swim suits so long. It's almost like Morgan is wearing pants. Look at them droop.
Emmy joins the fun, but isn't too keen on the boys jumping.

They liked to lay down in the water squirting up at them. You can't see the water coming up, but it did. Not very high though.

Look at the hops on this boy! He's great at jumping on the tramp. And no, he isn't grabbing Kaien's foot.

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