Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Our street/sidewalk/driveway is getting worked on. I don't know why, it seemed just fine before, but they came in and tore everything up. One afternoon while Morgan was napping the backhoe and dump truck and other such construction vehicles started coming down our street doing their destruction. But as fortune would have it, they stopped for the day right before they got to our house. Ours was next in line though, so they parked the backhoe and baby steamroller thing right in front of our house for the night.
When Morgan woke up we told him to look out the front window. He was so excited! He loves all those construction vehicles. So we took him out to get a closer look.

He thought the little one was Morgan's since it was small.

The next morning we were awakened by the thunderous noises of the backhoe breaking up the concrete in the front of our house and dropping it into a dump truck. So loud! I stubbornly resisted the early hour and tried to sleep through it, but not Morgan. I heard him in his room excitedly shouting, "Backhoe! Trator-truck!" (which is how he says dump truck, strangely enough.) He was watching from the window in his room for a little while, but then I heard his scampering feet running to the living room for a better view. Then I had to get up because it felt like I was missing Christmas morning or something. I wanted to see Morgan's excitement and be a part of it.
So we watched this out of our window for a good part of the morning.

This happened last Wednesday I think. This morning they finally started filling things in again, so we might be getting our driveway back. Yay!


Jana Lee Bumblebee said...

This is great. Every construction site needs a little boy to appreciate it.

Nancy said...

I bet he was just in heaven.

keith and arianne said...

How cute, what a boy!