Monday, June 15, 2009

Moth Infestation

For the past few weeks we have been overrun by moths. They somehow get into the house, (we don't leave doors open or anything, so it's a mystery) and they don't leave. Morgan has fun with them, but I think they are gross and annoying. Our bedroom seems like it was the favorite hang out for these creatures, to every night I would hear them fluttering around while I tried to sleep. So one night I got the bug net out and caught them all and stuck them in a jar. There were six in the bedroom. Then Aaron caught another 5 in the living room. Yet, when we finally went to bed the room wasn't moth free! Somehow some had escaped notice and still fluttered around.

The next morning I showed Morgan the jar of 11 moths. He had fun shaking and rolling the jar, but then became their advocate and demanded that I release them. So we did. Outside, mind. They still tried to hitch a ride back inside on our clothes, those pesky, persistent buggers. The next night there were more moths again. *SIGH*


Anonymous said...

It must be the year of the moth because we have been having lots of moths as well.

Sara said...

Oh that is gross. Gross!

Jana Lee Bumblebee said...

Since you have a bugnet, make Morgan the official catcher. ha

keith and arianne said...

ew, yuck that's no fun.

Smullin Family said...

It might be a Utah thing. My mom and dad-in-law just told me about their horrible moth infestation last year and it's not so bad this year, but they're still around.

Check your cereal/cracker boxes before eating. They found a ton in there. Yuck!