Friday, September 18, 2009


Today Aaron saw a small jumping spider on Morgan's car seat just before loading Morgan in it. He tried to brush the spider outside, but it escaped somewhere and we couldn't find it. So into the car seat Morgan went. Then we stopped at a gas station. While Aaron was filling up the car Morgan and I were just sitting in silence. Then out of the blue I hear Morgan. "Attack! Attack! The spider, the shoe. Attack." Just rambling on with his war cry. I looked back at him, amused, and asked what he was attacking. "The spider." He informs me, as he points to the curled-up, and very dead spider at the edge of his seat, right by his feet. Yup. Morgan knows the correct way to dispatch of those furry, eight-legged creatures. However, where he learned the word "attack" and it's application is a mystery!


A*Waite said...

Boys will be boys! It is funny how they pick up on things.

keith and arianne said...

That is too funny! Can you send him over to my place to take care of some?!

Jana Lee Bumblebee said...

I'll add this to my top 10 reasons of why Morgan is the best ever. Tell him grandma is very proud of him and whenever I see a spider, I will wish Morgan could come and help kill it.