Friday, September 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Aaron!

Aaron's birthday was about a week ago. He turned 31! I made his dinner of choice - roast and potatoes - and then we had presents. Yay presents!

A hoody.

His favorite present has to be this Ps3 game, Little Big Planet. We've played it a little bit almost everyday since he got it, and it is seriously fun. That was from me and my parents.

Later on, we had cake and ice cream. Now. I know that I am no cake decorator. I have no talent in that area, like many of you readers do. Plus, his cake was German Chocolate. The frosting for that isn't exactly easy to make look smooth. So, knowing my lack of ability in cake decorating, I embraced my lack-of-talent and made a masterpiece of a different sort. I bought those little sugar letters to spell out Happy Birthday Aaron. But I had so many left! I couldn't just NOT use them! So I used them all. I made as many words as I could and decorated the perimeter. Morgan stuck on the extra numbers and letters that were unusable in the word department. Then we had our finished product. I must say, I am very pleased with it's outcome. :)

The number 1 candle was left over from Morgan's first birthday. I bought the three for Aaron's birthday, and because I can use it for Morgan's third b-day in just a couple of months.

Right. Aaron blew out all the candles with one breath. So impressive.

When we started decorating the cake, Morgan started getting very excited. I told him it was his Daddy's birthday and he really seemed to understand and kept talking about it happily. When Aaron got home from work, Morgan ran from the kitchen to the front door and exclaimed, "Daddy's Happy Birthday!" Or something akin to that.

Morgan enjoying the birthday dinner and fantasizing about cake and ice cream.


Jana Lee Bumblebee said...

Ah--a quiddler birthday cake. How clever.

Smullin Family said...

I love your cake. You did an awesome job. My favorite parts are the big, striped candles..those are so cool!

Tiffany Vincent said...

Very impressed with your cake!