Thursday, September 17, 2009


Here is proof that I have the cutest kid in the world. There are lots of cuties out there, many of them belong to you, my dear friends, but they just can't all be the cutest kid.
Man, I love this boy!

Look at this sly dog! He is such a character. Makes me laugh every time I see this picture.
He did all the poses himself. He found his sunglasses and demanded that I take pictures with him wearing them. Then he hammed it up, as Morgan is want to do, and here is the product.


Martha said...

I love the last one! Talk about personality!

Megan said...

What a tongue! So cute!

Smullin Family said...

Fun-ny kid!
If... ok, when you have a bad day, just look at these pictures. They will "turn your frown upside-down and smile that frown away". :)

Jana Lee Bumblebee said...

Amen. I'm gonna have to expand my shrine wall.

Stephanie said...

Jana, I was thinking of you when I saw these ones, especially the bottom one. I thought, "Jana will need that for her shrine."

keith and arianne said...