Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Morgan is still doing pretty awesome with going potty in the toilet. But remember how I said I predicted that it wouldn't be a problem getting him to go number 2 in the toilet? Boy was I wrong. He just won't do it. He won't go in his underpants though, so that's good. But if we don't put a diaper on him, he'll go days without a BM.
Aaron even bought him a Hot Wheels car as motivation. It sits in it's package on the towel rack where Morgan can see it every time he's on the toilet. He really really wants to play with the car, but not enough to poop! Any tips from veteran potty trainers?
Also, Morgan doesn't say underpants, he calls them wonderpants. Which I think is about the cutest thing ever.
Oh, also, when should I stop putting him in a diaper for bed? He always wakes up dry...but what if?

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SouthfieldFam said...

If he wakes up dry then I would try out the wonderpants! ;o) Lexie took forever to figure out pooping on the potty too and our DR said to just give her the pullup when she asked for it so she wouldn't hold it for days. We eventually figured out she was attached to her poop for some weirdo reason and Reid convinced her that her poop wanted to go down the "waterpark slide" and then she never had another accident! Stupid, huh?