Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fish Springs

Last weekend we drove to a place sort of near by called Fish Springs. Aaron heard about a man who lived out there and had a bull frog ranch with the purpose of supplying the restaurants in Utah with frog legs. However, he learned that there wasn't much of a demand for frog legs in Utah, so he split, leaving the bull frogs behind. So we were hoping to spot some bull frogs. We also just wanted to see the springs.
It was a long drive out on the dirt road, and on the way we came to a pony express historical site. So we stopped and wandered around and chased a few tiny lizards.
The monument.

The old, reconstructed, post.

When we finally arrived at Fish Springs we stopped at a little picnic area and had lunch. There were some pretty cool trees there. They looked like mutant aspens or something. So we had a bit of fun climbing around in them.

Well, most of us had fun most of the time. :)

We went to a little pond thing and fed the tiny fishies.

Then we got back in the car and drove around all the ponds, that are apparently fed by a saline spring. We saw some cool birds, like Blue Herons, Pelicans, and other long legged, wading, birds that I don't remember the name of.

While driving down a dirt road, Aaron suddenly slammed the breaks and skidded to a halt, jumped out of the car and dashed after some unseen prey. Well, unseen to me. But, knowing Aaron like I do, I also dashed out of the car, camera in hand and took a some pictures of Aaron bouncing around in the dirt and scrub.

Then I saw the frog.

Then I helped Aaron catch the frog.

Then we showed Morgan.

Then we released the frog and went on our way. On the way home we stopped at some Geode beds. I don't know if we were expecting to find geodes just lying all over the ground or what, but the hot desert that we found was rather disappointing. There were lots of holes dug into the grounds, and some stones that had circular impressions in them, indicating that other stones had been removed from them, but we left with nothing more than we arrived with. Except for, perhaps, a layer of dirt.


Lora Dawn said...

What a cute little frog - - -you didn't happen to kiss him and check out his prince-li-ness, did you?

Jana Lee Bumblebee said...

just out of curiousity, how hot was the day? and how far off the paved road did you drive?

Jana Lee Bumblebee said...

just out of curiousity, how hot was the day? and how far off the paved road did you drive?

Megan said...

Looks like fun! I love the pictures of you climbing trees :)! What a fun memory for Morgan.

Melanie said...

The day enough. 90's? And it was pretty much all off the paved road. The dirt road turn off was between the Dugway gates and the church building. It was at least an hour of driving on the dirt. But it wasn't bad, as far as dirt roads go.

Stephanie said...

the shot of Daddy and boychild is precious.