Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Training Trials

Potty Training= huge frowny face.
It's hard! I've been sort of potty training for a LONG time. I decided yesterday to up my efforts. Again. We had a success and a failure. And another little success. In fact, it's a funny story:
Morgan had just kept his underpants dry for about 4 hours, but he hadn't even gone potty. But then he finally did, and in the toilet. Yay! So I thought he was good for awhile. It was probably only two minutes later that he had an accident. I stripped the wet pants and underpants from him and stuck him on the toilet. Then he announced that he was pooping. He's made this announcement before and even accompanies it with grunts and groans, but it has never come to fruition. This time there was a jelly-bean size success. He peered into the toilet and saw the little pellet and pronounced, "A pickle!"
Anyway, today he was doing really well. He pottied in the toilet once, after I provided cup after cup of apple juice. Then he had an accident. Then he had an accident/success. He started peeing in his pants but was able to stop himself and finish up in the toilet. Then he had a time where he actually told me he had to go potty BEFORE he did, and we got to the toilet in time and everything. Yay!
But the night ended badly. It was runny, extremely foul, and filled his underwear and ran down his legs. He ended up in a diaper after that.
But, tomorrow he is back in underpants. I won't take a couple months hiatus this time.

In other news, my grandpa appears to be dying. :( He's been in the hospital for far too long with far too many complications. It started with a heart attack and has moved to kidney failure, poor blood pressure, something about platelets, a lump in his gal bladder, respritory problems, leaky heart valves, and probably more. He needs heart surgery, majorly, but hasn't been stable enough to receive it. And now the doctors are saying that it's too risky NOT to have surgery, but also too risky TO have it. And that's the end. And it's sad.
He lives in Missouri so I probably won't see him till his funeral.
Thank goodness for eternal families.


HappyClimate said...

I am sorry about your grandpa. I hope that your mom is doing ok and that everyone in the family is also.
When you were telling the story about Morgan for some reason I couldn't handle it. It was grossing me out major. Probably cause I am eating breakfast and that makes it no fun to be visualizing a poo in the toilet. :)

Erin said...

Sorry about your grandpa, it's so sad to see them get old and have problems. Anyways I wanted to talk to you about your book, my husband started a publishing company and I mentioned you and your book. e-mail me so I can get your phone number. I hope you check these comments.
Erin Odom

Melanie said...

Sorry Shelly, I meant to write a warning at the beginning of the post for the excessive potty talk. :)

Jana Lee Bumblebee said...

Yay for both of you! It sounds like he catching on mentally. Try little games of practicing all day. Run to the toilet and "practice." Like every 2 hours or so.

He doesn't actually have to produce, but he might. Practicing from all areas in the house builds remembering skill. Naturally you reward, reward, reward for all good practicing.

Aren't you glad you don't have alot of carpeting to mess up?