Saturday, September 26, 2009

Training Triumphs!

Potty training= huge SMILEY face!
It's going so well! I gave you the run down for how the day went three days ago. The next day he had two accidents, but that's all. Yesterday he woke up dry, (he sleeps in a diaper) and wore underpants when we were home and had no accidents. But we were planning a trip to Tooele. We aren't confident enough yet to be gone all day without a diaper. So a diaper was put on Morgan and we left the house around 2:00. We went to Wal-Mart at one time and I took Morgan into the bathroom to try to go, but he was too afraid of sitting on the toilet without the little insert thing, plus, the toilet flushed on it's own and that scared him. So back on went the diaper, (which was still dry.)
We didn't get home until 8:30 or so, but I just kind of ignored the diaper/potty training thing. When I finally got around to putting Morgan to bed, (at 9:30) I was expecting to find a wet diaper, but it was STILL dry! So he went potty on the toilet again. Then went to bed.
This morning his diaper was still unused and he went potty in the toilet. Oh yes, I'm feeling pretty good about this.
He hasn't had any real BM's in the toilet though. However, he doesn't seem adverse to it. He tries, and has tiny successes. So I'm not really worried. Whew!
I think we're potty trianed, folks.
This was a long process. It started back when Morgan was only 16 months old. We bought a little potty chair so Morgan could get used to it.
In October of last year I gave a little effort of teaching Morgan the potty thing. It ended up being a tradition for Morgan to sit on his potty chair after every single diaper change. It was kinda annoying after awhile, since nothing was ever produced.
And in November the tradition still went on.
In February of this year I tried to get him used to underpants.
In March Morgan went potty in his toilet a couple days in a row, and it was very encouraging! So I put him in underpants and made an effort to potty train. But I realized that those successes were a fluke, an accident, because Morgan clearly wasn't ready. That day ended in a lot of dirty pants and puddles.
Then in July I made a big ol' effort. It was hit and miss. But I think mostly miss. I tried for a couple days, but then went on a big 3 week trip to Idaho so took a long break.
It wasn't until this past week that I actually made another big effort. And jolly good, Morgan is finally potty trained! I think. I hope.


Megan said...

Yay for you!!!! Evalyn FINALLY decided to start using the potty in the last week and a half. She is 4 (almost 4 1/2). It took a looooooooong time for her to do it. It is so cool when they finally get it!

keith and arianne said...

hooray, congratulations!! I'm totally jealous, I've been too tired and lazy to even start yet with Kallie!

Jana Lee Bumblebee said...

YES!!! Tell Morgan I am very proud of him for wearing big boy underpants
Give yourself a big hug for hanging in there.

By the way, Melanie, Ihave your Christmas present and I don't think I can wait that long. Can't you have another birthday or something?

Love you

Kevin Nelson said...

Yay! The Potty's the Place! Such awesome power. I'm sure it was grandpa's example when Morgan was up here last month. Oh, but I divulge!

Cong--rat--ula--ti--on---s --! Expect some per--io--dic inte-rupt-ions in the flow (pun intended) of the new sk--ill, but other than that, I'll mail you both a gold star.

Love, Grandpa Nelson

Deborah Austin said...

My least favorite thing to do with my kids is potty train them. So glad he is doing it, sigh of relief right and a lot of savings not having to buy diapers!!! YEAH!!