Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Lesson Learned

Our last day of camping, Shelly said the blessing for breakfast. In it, she asked that we would have safety on our drive home.
Later that day we got everything packed up into the three different cars, including children. When my dad was satisfied that everything was ready to go and was ready for a trip departure prayer he noted that kids were already buckled in to different cars. So, since Shelly had already asked for a blessing of safety, it was rationalized that we would be fine.
On the way down the mountain, driving along the narrow, windy, dirt, road that followed the reservoir, (mountain on one side, small cliff and water on the other) we were safe. Even when a truck came careening irresponsibly around a corner, pretty much driving all three of our cars into the mountain, we were safe.
But then, when we were on a straight highway, the Expedition, which was carrying the huge ATV trailer, mysteriously got a flat tire. No nails or punctures or anything were found.

Poor Tire

Go, Jason! Go!
Two cars of our caravan stopped to fix the tire, but Chris and his family went on ahead.
After getting the tire changed and filled with air, we went on our way, but stopped at a gas station a little further on to check on a strange sound. Everything checked out, so off we went. But Jason, who drove my Dad's little Kia, which has never had problems before, couldn't start the car. He had to push start it. It worked, thankfully.

Pretty soon we got a call from Chris. He was at the Boise Stage stop with a flat tire of his own!

Normally when we go on trips where we drive for a long time we have a prayer just as we are leaving. We always ask for blessings of safety and that the cars will work well and have no problems or incidents. This time we didn't have that prayer and we can clearly see the repercussions! We actually finally did have a prayer for that purpose AFTER all these things occurred, and we got home without further problem.
But we WERE blessed with safety, so, yay!

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Smullin Family said...

We always try to remember, a prayer of safety, before we leave. Thanks for the reminder of how important it is...and I'm SO glad that you were all safe. Whew!