Wednesday, May 13, 2009


In this house we have a yard, which is a GREAT improvement from the place in Saratoga Springs. And we have a big yard. However, we don't have grass, we have dandelions. We plan to remedy that.
Here are some cute pictures of Morgan playing with the weeds and spreading their seeds.

Then, a couple of days later, this is what it looked like. Yuck. We don't have a lawn mower, but fortunately they are available to borrow here. Like, we checked one out for the whole summer. For free. Nice.

Morgan and I hung out on our back patio/thingy and watched Daddy mow the lawn. The evenings have been so nice lately. Morgan was still a bit sick, which you can see in his eyes. Maybe.

Morgan tried to climb our tree. (We have a tree!)

This picture is meant to illustrate the many dandelion fluffs taking flight as Aaron mowed. You can kinda see them.

And here's the after! SO much better. And you can see the boundaries of our yard too. :)


Anonymous said...

I love those first two pictures of Morgan. They are great. So are the others. That will be fun to finally have a yard.

Love Mom

Jana Lee Bumblebee said...

Thank you, thank you, Melanie. So everybody sort of shares a back yard?
Are the storage "barns" large enough like your basement was? Kitchen looks decent-sized. Do you have more room for your table than before?
Sitting out back,sucking pops, watching Aaron mow--sounds like a simple good life.

Melanie said...

The backyard isn't fenced or anything, (though the next door neighbors have part of their back yard chain-linked) but we do have our own yard. It's just hard to tell where it ends.
Between the shed and the little attached storage we are able to fit all our stuff, even though it isn't as large as our basement was. :)
The kitchen is probably my favorite of the rooms in this house. It is decent sized and the table does fit better. The only bad part is, is that the laundry "closet" is in there too.

HappyClimate said...

I love the one where he is blowing, so cute! That is so nice to have a yard. So how is your ward there? DO you like it?

Smullin Family said...

My favorite Morgan pic is the 4th. I like the funny look and the new camera skill.
Yea, a place for Morgan to run.