Sunday, May 10, 2009

It's a love story

Sunday tradition continues with excerpts from my journal. The love story between Aaron and I also continues.

April 29, 2004
I really should be sleeping. I fall asleep in Jennie's class all the time because I don't sleep enough. But I had to write about Aaron! I like him so incredibly much. I want to be around him constantly. I hung out with him yesterday while bowling. Now more people are aware of us together. Tonight I went to his house. No Chris or Chanel this time. Aaron's roommie Brad was there. We watched a movie. The movie was quite dumb though. But that's alright because I got to sit close to Aaron and hold his hand. After the movie Aaron and I drove to Wilson Ponds to look at stars. It was chilly so we went to the car and just drove. We talked, held hands some more. He payed me many compliments. He said that I was pretty. He also likes my hair and my sense of humor.
When we got back to his house I decided to leave. He walked me to my car, and we had our first real hug. It even lasted awhile. It could have lasted for forever and I would have been happy. I really like Aaron Wendell Nelson! More so than anybody ever. He makes me happy. He makes me want to be more smart, more funny, and more cool. I wish I could make him laugh every time I wanted to. I wish I could make him feel lucky to be around me. I wish I were worthy of him.
Work is pretty good. Jennie 's smart.
Time for bed.
Melanie Dawn...Nelson? :)

Haha! I love how I use six words to acknowledge that I have more going on in life other than Aaron.
Oh, and everytime I finish a journal entry I always sign my name. It's just something I do. Back then it normally read, "Melanie Dawn Martin." But I was deeply in-like and am a girl afterall...
By the way, Jennie was a 6 year old girl that I worked with. She had autism so I went to her Kindergarten class with her and helped her out.

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HappyClimate said...

Love is blossoming, it is so fun to read knowing that it will end good. So much more romantic!