Thursday, May 7, 2009

Progress, or lack thereof and the flu

We still aren't very settled. I am not so good about unpacking when I don't have a deadline. Basically though, all we have left is the desk top computer stuff and all the things to hang on the walls. Oh, and the few boxes that are mostly empty but have a few odds and ends in them that I have NO idea what to do with.
But today I am very tired and don't feel like doing anything. Why am I so tired? Morgan. He's not feeling very well and was up a lot last night, which reminded me of having a newborn again. How did I do it then?
Poor Morgan has the flu. Hopefully it's not piggish. He's going on his third day of this bug and I hope it's slowing down. Morgan tends to get more whiny when he's sick. And I don't like cleaning up throw up. And I hate it when Morgan has a fever because that is potentially dangerous and we haven't got a competent thermometer.
Last night around 7:30 Morgan pretty much put himself to bed. He begged for a family prayer then led the way to his bedroom. He usually doesn't go to bed until 9:00. Then at 10:00 I hear a little voice from his room. I walk closer to the door and hear, "I love you mommy. Mommy, I love you." Just soft and quiet as could be. Awww! So sweet. So I go in his room and he asks if he can get up now. But it's bedtime for real now! So we sing some songs together then I give a couple more Tylenol's (candy) and get ready for bed myself. At 12:30 Morgan comes into the room complaining. I was worried that he'd thrown up again, but he had not. However he was apparently starving. And that makes sense, since he only ate breakfast the day before and a couple of bites of dinner, (which he promptly threw up). So, at 12:30 at night I sat down at the table with Morgan as he ate a bowl of fruitloops. That was all he wanted to eat, besides Ramen noodles. But I didn't want to make that. Then he wanted to watch a movie. That wasn't going to happen. It's not my fault he went to bed so early and now had his time all messed up!
He woke up again at 4:30 and came into our room. Daddy told him to go back to bed, which he did, in a fit of tears. I follow him to his room, he requested some candy, (Tylenol) so I acquiesced and stumbled back to bed.
This morning he woke up at 7:00, which is at least an hour earlier than usual. We're not early risers in this house. (Except Aaron on work days). He demanded breakfast again for his rumbling tummy and he ate his whole bowl of cereal.
Today his forehead hasn't been as warm and he's had a little bit more of an appetite, but I just had to take a break in writing this post because Morgan decided it was naptime. He was watching something on PBS and all of the sudden he says, "Take a nap". Then he stood up and walked to his bedroom, never even turning to see if I was following. When I got to his room he was sitting on his bed waiting for me to come read him a story. The second the book was finished he plopped down on his pillow and requested his favorite song and some more candy, (which was denied since he recently had his dose) and yawned and said goodnight.
I love that boy. I hope he feels better soon.
I also hope we get the regular computer up soon so I can upload the pictures we've taken and blog about other things.


Megan said...

Aw. Poor kid. I am so sad for him. I hope he gets better soon! And I hope neither you, or Aaron catch it!

Anonymous said...

Poor Morgan he just needs mommy and or Daddy to hold him all night and sooth him. I would do it if I were there.
Love ya Mom