Sunday, May 17, 2009

Our first date

Here's more o' my old journal. I reserve the right to edit out sentences here and there that are just too cheesey and/or embarrassing. But I will not tell you when or where I do it, so you will never know. Except for the fact that I just told you I would do it. Boo yeah. And I might make other indications as well. So you might, in fact, know exactly when and where I edit.

May 2, 2004
Ready for more Aaron? Well, Friday was our first date. I've got to write about the first date of mine where the male was the instigator. He picked me up around 6:40 and we went to Celebration Park. The purpose of this was to find petroglyph's on the rocks. it was cool. These ancient writings were thus placed by Indians. Very old. Very cool. Then we just walked around a bit on a trail and to the bridge there. We stood there on the bridge and looked out at the river and surrounding areas. He played with my hair a bit, and.....oh it was so romantic and loverly! After that we went to his house and ate some pasta, then watched a movie. "Big Fish." Pretty good movie. I liked the company. I snuggled next to him and put my head on his shoulder. We saw dear on the way home.
Saturday we went to Joe Sandy's house and watched the edited version of "Matrix Reloaded." Not really worth watching. Today he and Chanel came over after church. We chatted and we took out the telescope. and we saw planets. That was a whole family thing. When they finally went to the inside, Chanel, Aaron and I remained outside to chat. We eventually went to the porch swing and I was able to cuddle better. :)
Aaron and I shared another side hug. We haven't had a real second hug. (worded that one weird.) But...anyway...I saw brother Chandler today!
Aaron is really smart. I think he knows about everything.
Well, I should go now. Melanie Martin

So, just barely had our first date, yet we were already considering ourselves a couple. (At least I was. Can't speak for Aaron.) And yes, that was the first date that I went on that wasn't set up by a roommate.
I can't imagine this is very interesting to anyone anymore. All I write about is cuddling. And when I say cuddle here, basically I think I mean that we sat right next to each other and maybe rested a head on a shoulder or something.
And I still think that Aaron knows just about everything. Facts, that is. When we have minor disagreements, I'm right. :) And that doesn't mean that Aaron's right on the major ones. Maybe we don't have those kinds, okay?! Tee hee.....

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Stephanie said...

aaahhhh, puppy love. I remember Aaron. I'm happy with your choice of a partner. When I grow up, I want to be like you and choose a good partner.