Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wading Pool

It's been pretty hot lately. To counteract that we got a wading pool for Morgan, which he absolutely LOVES.
He particularly loved playing with the hose while it filled up. What he didn't seem to realize at first was that this water was FREEZING! I'm talking Payette-fed-by-a-glacier-Lake kind of cold. I was hyperventilating from just sticking my toes in the water.

Aaron started mowing the lawn while the pool filled and every time he came close to the pool it sent a cloud of dust and clippings to the pool, quickly dirtying it. But you can't expect these pools to stay clean, I suppose.

After turning the hose off Morgan still opted to play while standing up. I guess he did realize that the water was cold after all.

But then Aaron and I traded places. He came and sat in the camp chair while cooling his feet in the pool while I finished up mowing. And he "encouraged" Morgan to sit down.
Notice how he still protects his arms from the biting freeze? But he's happy.

When his lips were blue and his teeth were chattering I proposed that we go inside and get him into some warm dry clothes. That's why this adventure ended with a major temper tantrum.

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HappyClimate said...

These pictures really make me want to go swimming. Oh it is so fun!