Sunday, May 3, 2009

I like him so much!

I continue my Sunday tradition of posting some of my old journal writings.

April 27, 2004
I'm back! I just can't stay away with all of this exciting stuff happening! So, i've still seen Aaron everyday for many days. People are asking questions. I might soon start calling him my boyfriend. Oh, I really like him! Yesterday at F.H.E. things were kind of awkward. I didn't know what do do or where to go. then today I was texting Chanel an we decided to do something tonight. Sh was just going to come over for a couple of hours. I was planning on inviting Aaron over as well. But he first called me! I love that he calls me! So I told him to come over, and he did. He arrived before Chanel. We played with the bullwhip and also on the swings a bit. Then we decided to go to the lake for rock skipping. We did. We went on a little walk when Aaron once again took my hand. We sat on his car and talked a little. then Chanel got a text message from Melissa Neils informing her about plans to see a movie. We were invited. So we went to see "The Best Two Years." I'd seen it before. It's a very good movie. I liked it. i especially liked Aaron about it. He took my hand through part of it. The drive home was spent with our hands together when he wasn's shifting gears. We talked a lot and learned a lot about each other. He is so kind! Always opens doors, and is such a gentleman! He and I also have quite a bit in common. When we arrived home we did a little side hug goodnight. Oh! i just like him so much! Chanel told me that Shelby and Melissa said that Aaron and i look cute together. Aaron is so smart! I swear, he knows everything. His language is great. I'm about to fall asleep. Goodnight!

Oh, but I liked him so much! As you can see. Oh, and lest you be confused, Aaron doesn't speak a different language; no, he is just really good at using ours, which is what I meant by the whole, "his language is great" thing.
As you can see, Chanel was a great boon to our early relationship. She was the link between us that we needed to be more comfortable. Thanks Chanel!


Jana Lee Bumblebee said...

I'm glad you liked him so much. He needed a girl like you.

keith and arianne said...

Gotta love that Chanel! I am loving learning about how you two got together!

kura2025 said...

Ah yes. Reason # 113 to love your siblings.

Sara said...

Great read! Makes me want to go back and read what I wrote when I started dating Chad.