Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Moving in

Moving in is hard/exhausting work. Which is why Morgan zonked out on the couch our second day here. Totally unusual for Morgan to fall asleep anywhere besides bed. He doesn't even sleep in the car much these days.

The old baby carrier was moved from the moving van and into the living room originally. Morgan thought it was a great discovery and spent some time playing in his old hang-out place. Ah, nostalgia.

So, much to Aaron's chagrin, we had a bunch of water stored for our food storage that had to be moved. Morgan loved helping with that. We were just moving them from the kitchen, where they were left originally, to our little attached storage area in the back.

Ah, then the kitchen. We have our BEFORE unpacking....

Our during unpacking. Morgan helped by sitting in the middle of the pile of newspapers that were used to protect the dishes and using his tool on them. He's so good at that. :)

And finally, the finished product.

Unfortunately we don't have after pictures of all the rooms in the house yet, so no pictures! Yet.


Tiffany Vincent said...

Way to go, one room at a time! Very cute picture of Morgan alseep on the couch. Why is they look so darling sleeping? Oh yeah they are not DEMANDING anything!

Sara said...

Enjoy that back yard! You have grass now, kinda. Mason would love playing with all those dandylions... which for some reason he calls spiders.