Monday, May 18, 2009

A Dugway Experience

The Movie Theater.
It plays two movies a week. One on Friday at 7:30 and one on Saturday at 7:30. A different movie each time, though they won't start it until they've sold 6 tickets. Saturday we decided we would go watch Knowing. However, dinner took a little bit longer to make than was planned so when 7:30 rolled around we were still sitting at the table scarfing down our dinner. But we decided to go anyway, even though we would be 5-10 minutes late. Thankfully it doesn't take long to get anywhere here.
When we arrived we were a bit surprised to see a bunch of people milling about in front of the theater. This was probably the biggest grouping of people we've ever seen while on post. Maybe 20 or so. So we parked and got in line. We were happy enough with the $3.50 ticket prices, ($2.00 for kids) and went on in to the theater. It looked kinda like a big auditorium. Or, a small auditorium. But a big theater. I doubt that it's EVER been full.
We found seats in the still brightly lit room. The screen is empty, no previews or anything. So we glean from this that the 7:30 start time is more of a guideline. But that's okay, it means we didn't miss anything.
Soon the lights are dimmed and an ad starts. But if it's just an advertisement why is everyone in the room suddenly standing up and covering their hearts? We follow suit and proceed to watch a video of a group of cadets or something sing The National Anthem. Occasionally they showed a flag, but usually we were just saluting the singers, which was a little strange.
The song ended and everyone resumed their seats. What came next was a News Reel. Well, maybe not a news reel so much as an advertisement for a military store or something, but it was in the news reel fashion, with the video or slide show being shown with a voice-over. It was entertaining.
After that the previews started, then the movie. One interesting thing to note was that you could hear the projector the whole time, if you were listening for it.
All in all, it was an enjoyable evening.


HappyClimate said...

Wow, do you feel like the big world just shrunk. That is what it sounds like. I would miss seeing lots of people around. I am glad you guys seem to be liking it.

Candice said...

What did you think of that movie? Dean and I usually have similiar tastes in movies, but not on this one. He really liked it.

Sara said...

I love your Dugway stories.