Tuesday, May 26, 2009


The other day as I was weeding the little flower garden bits in the front of our house I turned a sprinkler on for Morgan to have fun with. I barely turned it on, so only a little water ever came out, but it was enough for Morgan to completely soak himself.

After awhile he decided to use the sprinkler as a drinking fountain. Eww, yuck! The water here is pretty disgusting inside, so no doubt a good mother wouldn't allow her son to try to slurp the irrigation water... But it was cute.

His drawers became very droopy after getting them sufficiently water logged. So he ran around with his pants half hanging off. :)


Tiffany Vincent said...

That shot of his behind with the pants comming down is way to cute. He looks like a little "rapper"

Sara said...

Look at the grass! You have grass! :) My kids love our little play sprinkler too. Mostly they like to terrorize each other with it though.