Monday, May 18, 2009

Mothers Day/Birthday

Since everything here on Dugway is so close I wanted a bike trailer to pull Morgan around in so we could run errands on the bike. So, my wonderful husband made it happen. Since my birthday is also in May we combined budgets and Aaron got me the trailer as well as materials to fix my bike so it would be ridable. Yay!

Morgan was excited about it too and got in much earlier than was necessary. But that's okay. He was perfectly content to just sit in the trailer while daddy pumped tires and everything.

We've gone to the post office, the library and parks in this manner. It should be a great source of exercise for me as well as convenient. But it sure does hurt my Gluteus Maximus!


Tiffany Vincent said...

Way too cool! And your being 'green' to boot.

Nancy said...

We just got one of those too. Jaron loves it. The movie theatre post cracked me up. It's the same here, National Anthem before the movie.