Sunday, May 31, 2009


And we continue with our journal posting tradition. Here we go.

May 7, 2004
Well, lets update. Last night my family went to a choir concert that Mom was in. Aaron came with. He met Steph and Randy. (A pox on him!! [Not actually in journal]) Actually Randy and Aaron knew each other from elementary school. Weird huh? After that Aaron and I went bowling with some of the group. I bowled a 136 one game. Then Aaron and I left. We went to Wilson Ponds and walked around. We talked about things the other didn't know about the person.
Tonight Jason had a graduation banquet that I had to go to. It was alright, but it lasted forever! I finally made it to Aaron's house at 11:00 p.m. We hung out with a big group. He took me home and we kissed again. :)
Tomorrow we are going to Utah, so I won't get to see Aaron. :( It will break our streak. We have seen each other everyday for 3 weeks straight. Plus more. Time for bed.

It was weird that Aaron knew Randy because when my sister - who is 3 years older than me - was dating him, I thought that he was too old for her. Then I started dating someone who was in the same grade. Hah!
Oh, and I'm sure I wouldn't have thought Jason's banquet thing was so tediously long if I wasn't very aware of every moment that I wasn't able to spend with Aaron.

Um, I made an executive decision. I will post another entry today as well.

May 9, 2004
It is Mother's Day so we gave Mom gifts and I made dinner and we cleaned. We then had guests.
Joe Bird, Chanel, Brad Thorp and...Aaron! came over. We played Moods. Brad and Joe left after that, but the Nelsons stayed. We played Rook. Mom played. Then the two said they were leaving, so I walked them to their cars. Chanel left. Aaron stayed. We talked by his car. I really do like him. I think I may be falling in love. . . . maybe.
Neither of us has to work until the afternoon tomorrow, so we are going to do lunch or something. I've never seen him before like, 2:00 in the afternoon. It should be grand.
Well, I'll be sure to keep you updated. Stay tuned...
Oh, just a fun little fact, Aaron and I text each other for like an hour after parting ways. We are texting now. I sure love cell phones. Tonight Aaron asked me if he could call me his girlfriend. Of course I said yes. He is so tender. I will have to tell him so sometime. Goodnight!

There you go! I just hope that by opening myself (and Aaron) up to you all, you don't think any less of us. The giddy perception of an infatuated teenager (I was 19) might make us seem immature or something else negative. But I guess it's too late for me to worry about that.

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